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About EdcNet
At Colocation romania, we believe that to truly connect businesses and clients, you need to connect with the community. After all, It’s All About Connections…. Based on our company’s strengths and the ways in which our business connects us to the community, we focus our outreach and social investment efforts on technology innovation, educational growth and encouraging team members to go out into their community and volunteer their time. Being a responsible business is integral to our success. Colocation Romania is committing more and more effort into creating a lasting, positive change in our community.

Technology Innovation 

We first started our Corporate Responsibility Initiative years ago by getting involved with the technological innovation of open source systems. By donating colocation and dedicated server hosting services to various Open Source Projects, we have been able to directly support the development and distribution of these cost effective technologies. The technology developed by these communities, and made capable by our services and others like us, help aid in the advancement of the open source development industry. Currently we donate servers to the following Open Source projects: Centos Project, Fedora Project, GeeXboX, and MEPIS.